The Creative Communities Alliance (CCA) invites you and your community to join in our regional Sculpture on the Move Program, designed to foster relationships between communities and artists, as well as to grow art appreciation across our region.

By streamlining these processes and bridging relationships with artists and communities the Sculpture on the Move Program makes it as easy as possible to install high quality, original artwork in your community and to enhance public spaces, with minimal cost and a short-term commitment.

Who: This program is open to all Communities (municipal governments, not for profits, etc.)

What:  Participating Communities will facilitate the installation of public art on a temporary basis.  Sculptures will be on display for a two year term.


Where:  Sculptures on the Move will need to be installed in an outdoor public area. This could be a park or any areas with high visibility and easy public access.


When:  Artist applications will be due by January 17th, 2020. Sculptures will be installed in April/May of 2020. The term of loan is 2 years for each sculpture.

How Much: Selected artists will be paid $1000 per year for a two-year installation process. During this time artwork may be for sale, but must remain onsite for the duration of the two-year loan.



Call For ArtPlease click here to open the Call for Art

Call for Entry Deadline - Midnight (Central Time) January 17th, 2020

City Selection Process - Cities will make selections in February 24th, 2020

Installation - After the selection, cities will work directly with artists to ensure a spring installation date based on the cities and artist's working time frames.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of sculptures an artist can submit?

A: No, an artist can submit as many pieces as they choose. If you need additional submission forms please contact kdouglas@manchestermo.gov.


Q: Is there a size minimum/maximum for sculptures?

A: Yes, the sculptures must fit on a 4 ft x 4 ft concrete base. There is no size minimum, but please keep in mind that the sculptures will be outdoors and without pedestals. So low lying sculptures (under 3 feet) tend to be chosen less frequently.


Q: Does a sculpture have to already be constructed in order to be submitted?

A: No, a sculpture does not have to be completed. However we will need images detailing the planned piece and a guarantee it can be fabricated in the allotted time. In our first year, and artist had multiple images of her sculptures on a small scale (1 foot tall), then when two were chosen, she had them fabricated by the installation date (at 10 feet tall).


Q: Will sculptures be available for purchase?

A: The artist is permitted to sell any work shown as part of the Sculpture on the Move Program. However, if sold, the piece must remain in its location for the duration of the contract (a total of 2 years). No organization will collect commission on any sales.


Q: How many sculptures are chosen?

A: This depends on the number of communities participating and the number chosen by each community. In our first year, we only allowed each of the 12 communities to select one sculpture, so we could make sure the program ran smoothly the first year. This year, we are not limiting the number chosen, so artist can easily have more than one work chosen. 

Have an additional question? Email Kat Douglas at kdouglas@manchestermo.gov


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